Paying for a club by Childcare Vouchers

Thank you for enquiring about paying for a club by Childcare Vouchers.

Breakfast club is charged at £2.50 per session. After school club is charged at either £3 for a session (3:15pm - 4.30pm), £4 for a session (4:30pm – 6pm) or £7 for a session (3:15pm – 6pm).

To pay via vouchers you will need to phone your preferred voucher provider to see if Sturry Primary School are registered with them.  For your information, our postcode is CT2 0NR and our URN is 138738 as they may ask you for this.  If we are registered with them, you then need to tell them that you wish to pay for childcare via the voucher method.  As all voucher providers are different, you should check with them how you make payments to the school - some will provide you with a log in to make online payments, whilst others will ask you to telephone, but they will be able to talk you through their process.  If you discover that we are not registered with your voucher provider, please email on the below address and I can try and register our school with them on your behalf. 

Once your voucher setup is complete your child is then welcome to attend clubs. 

At the end of each month, usually around the 28th, I will raise you an invoice for the amount owing.  You should then make a payment to us via your voucher provider for the amount totalled on your invoice and email immediately after advising of the following:

  • Voucher providers name e. Fideliti Limited
  • How much you paid e £100.50
  • Your childs name e. Joe Bloggs
  • For which clubs are you paying for e. After school and Breakfast club
  • And if for both breakfast club and after school club, how much is to be allocated to each

i.e £12.50 Breakfast club and £88.00 After school club

I’m sure you can appreciate that I receive several voucher payments per month on our bank statement and so receiving this emailed information every month is vital in ensuring I allocate the correct payments to the correct child and that accounts are kept up to date.  

Many thanks. Any questions, please do email.

Kind Regards,

Jenny Baker
Finance Assistant