In Year 4, children are given the opportunity to attend a weekend residential trip to Swattenden Activity centre.

The residential trip to Swattenden 2016 was a great success; the children had an amazing time and we were all exhausted when we got home! 

My experience was amazing and now I love the outdoors! The meals were divine. My favourite meal was roast. My favourite activity was zip wire. The beds were extremely comfy. The staff were really kind and supportive. Swatenden is so active and fun you will love it! The activities are so much fun and thrilling! - Gemma.

Swattenden is an epic, enjoyable and breath-taking adventure that will get you talking about it with your family. There is Archery, rock climbing, create stacking, trials and many more waiting for you. My favourite part was when we did the crate stacking because you can go really high and you can drop off and FLY! - Daniel.