Year 1 trip to Rare Breeds centre Ashford

Before we visited, we used our BLP Strategy skills to plan our day!

We were bringing our Farming topic to life!​ Firstly, we got onto the huge coaches. The journey was quite long and the coach felt like a roller coaster!

When we got to the farm we dropped off our bags and our lunches in a big hall, then started our adventure! We had a woodland walk to explore. It was a bright, sunny day, and we enjoyed the shade of the green trees. We used our listening skills to find out what we could hear. We heard blackbirds and crows!

We used our noticing skills to find lots of different flowers, and we also spotted some sheep, relaxing in the shade. When we visited the barn, there were even more animals! We showed absorption in our learning while we were stroking the animals and learning about how to look after them from the staff.

We used our BLP social skills of interdependence, imitation and collaboration to make our way through the tricky balance run in the Haunted Marsh! 

Finally, we watched the pig racing, it was so exciting! We guessed which pig would win, and some of us even helped drive the piglets forward when they were too lazy to keep running.​ We all cheered for our friends, and the piglets got lots of treats for running.

We got back on the coach and wound our way home, we were very tired, but had a lovely day!​